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Quarterly Dividend Rates

Rates may vary and are subject to change. Obtain the current rates by contacting us.

Savings • $25.00-$999.99

Under revision

Savings • $1,000.00-$2,499.99

Under revision

Savings • $2,500.00-$4,999.99

Under revision

Savings • $5,000.00 and above

Under revision

IRA Accumulative

Under revision

Christmas Club

Under revision

CD Rates

No fees except for early withdrawals.

90 Days

Under revision

6 Months

Under revision

12 Months

Under revision

18 Months

Under revision

30 Months

Under revision

Share Accounts

Joining is easy! Deposit $25 into a savings account and pay $1 membership fee to become part of our family.

Share Draft Accounts

Members are eligible to open a share draft (checking) account featuring no monthly service charge!

Christmas Club Account

Earn interest today on money saved for the holidays with this share saving account.

Certificate of Deposit

Rates on share certificates are subject to current interest rates at time of issuance.

Individual Retirement Accounts

We offer Roth, traditional, and education IRAs.

Online Banking

Secure Internet banking makes managing your finances simple and easy!

Visa Debit Cards

Both easy to use and secure, our Visa debit cards make paying for your purchases simple.

Credit Life Insurance

Protect your loved ones by utilizing our credit life insurance.

Disability Insurance

Our insurance makes your loan payments in the event of an unforeseen disability.